We’re one very big, very happy family.

Across the state, our 32 member land trusts are at the forefront of work to safeguard a diverse and connected natural world, support a vibrant working-lands economy, broaden access to the outdoors, and foster an ethic of engagement with the landscapes that sustain our quality of life. Since 2008, we have been a unified hub and central voice for these diverse conservation champions, representing a network of staff, board members, supporters, and volunteers over 600,000 strong.  

Our mission is to increase the collective strength and excellence of the land trust community in Washington.


WALT was originally formed to be the collective advocacy voice of the land trust community in Washington. In this role, we leverage local knowledge and perspectives from every corner of our state to ensure decision makers understand the core role of open space in a bright future. We are also a leading statewide advocate for funding and policies that allow private landowners to create a lasting conservation legacy for future generations.



We believe that the land trust journey is never over. In the effort to authentically represent and support the open space needs of diverse local stakeholders, everyone has something to teach and everyone has room to grow. As our member organizations continue to expand the breadth and complexity of their vision, we remain committed to helping them on that journey by sparking new ideas and stretching our comfort zones as a statewide community.




By definition, the work of land trusts requires being here for the long haul to safeguard the lands and waters on which we all rely. That requires a broad awareness, philosophical support, and meaningful engagement with our collective mission across generations, and across diverse communities. To that end, we are committed to developing and amplifying conservation success stories to shift perceptions among decision-makers, funders, and the general public.
As an organization, we are inseparable from the land trusts we serve all across the state. Like any coalition, we are only as strong as the value and leadership we demonstrate to our diverse membership. As such, we are dedicated to promoting structures and systems that maximize our accountability, responsiveness, and connection with these incredible organizations from every corner of Washington.




We recognize that the land conservation movement is a historically white-led space that suffers from a legacy of systemic racism and inequity on the land. In addition, black, indigenous, and people of color continue to be underrepresented and excluded from the environmental movement, as well as disproportionately impacted by the negative consequences of land use decisions. We are committed to leading by example in pursuing ongoing self-reflection, candor, and learning about how these issues inform our work and that of our members.



We are proud to be part of a community that is known for its ability to use creativity and elbow grease to drive conservation outcomes where others cannot. In a similar vein, we are committed to moving beyond traditional boundaries and partnerships in the search for transformational, long-term policy and cultural change. We believe that this commitment is fundamental to moving the needle on the complex natural resources and environmental issues that define our time.




Land trusts are public servants trusted to protect, safeguard and steward critical conservation values in perpetuity for the public benefit. Though we do not engage in on-the-ground conservation like our members, we are committed to helping drive and support best practices for retaining the ecological, recreational, and cultural integrity of the open space assets our members hold.



As a charitable non-profit driven by a diverse coalition of organizations, it is critical for us to lead by example. We are committed to elevating a culture of integrity, professionalism, and transparency in our operations.