What is the Washington Association of Land Trusts?

The Washington Association of Land Trusts (WALT) is the unified voice for Washington’s private voluntary land conservation groups. Our 28 member land trusts work to protect and steward the special lands and waters of Washington state. We drive strategic conservation, enhance collaboration and communication, and ensure funding and policy-making support conservation. Learn more about us.

What is a land trust?

Land trusts, also known as land conservancies, are community-based, nonprofit organizations dedicated to the permanent protection and stewardship of natural and working lands for the public good. Land trusts are non-profit organizations organized as a charitable entity under the laws of the United States and Washington. Land trusts work with landowners to voluntarily conserve open lands located in the area the land trust serves. Land trusts work with their neighbors to help voluntarily conserve Washington lands without government regulation. Learn More.

How does a land trust work?

Land trusts are suited better than any other organization to safeguard Washington’s natural beauty and the conservation values of our most important lands because they protect land forever.  Learn More

How do I conserve my land?

Land trusts use a variety of tools to accomplish voluntary land conservation, including the acquisition (by donation or by purchase) of conservation easements, deed restrictions, and fee title to land, envelopment of management agreements, and strategic estate planning. WALT member land trusts are experts at working with landowners to craft a result that works best for the landowner and their community on each individual transaction. Landowners seeking to conserve their land should contact a local land trust to get more detailed information about the conservation tools available to them. Learn more.

What are the Washington Association of Land Trusts’ positions on current policy?

WALT supports the work of Washington land trusts by helping to shape and advocate for sound policies that advance land conservation in Washington. Learn More.

Can I visit lands that have been protected by land trusts?

Many land trusts do have nature preserves or sanctuaries that are open to the public. Find your local land trust and go to their website to learn about lands that may be accessible to the public.

Why protect Washington land?

Washingtonians identify with the state’s land based resources, recreational opportunities, outdoor heritage, and pristine landscapes. Thoughtful land protection ensures the sustainability of Washington’s natural assets vital to our economic and environmental future.

Are all land trusts the same?

No. Land trusts all have some attributes in common, but each land trust in Washington has its own priorities, mission and goals. Each land trust has a unique set of goals and conservation methods to achieve these goals. Learn more.

How many acres are held by Washington land trusts?

Washington’s land trusts have helped protect over 866,467 acres of wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation spaces, working lands. Collectively our land trusts own 126,165 acres of land in beautiful Washington state. Learn more.