The Beaver Restoration Guidebook

This guidebook provides a practical synthesis of the best available science for using beaver to improve ecosystem functions. If you are a restoration practitioner, land manager, landowner, restoration funder, project developer, regulator, or other interested cooperator, this guidebook is for you. The Beaver Restoration Guidebook was prepared by US FWS, NOAA, University of Saskatchewan, and USFS.

Puget Sound Acquisition & Restoration (PSAR) Factsheet & Investments

This factsheet describes the benefits of Puget Sound Acquisition & Restoration Fund (PSAR) investments. The PSAR focuses its efforts on critical habitat and salmon populations. PDF: PSAR General Factsheet Source: Puget Sound Partnership   This factsheet outlines the PSAR grant funding priorities for 2017-2019, as well as return-on-investment stats. PDF: PSAR Funding 2017-19 Factsheet Source: Puget Sound Partnership

Economic Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

This factsheet describes the economic contribution of Outdoor Recreation for each activity type, and the breakdown from each county. Excellent source for stats. PDF: Economic Benefits of Outdoor Recreation Source: Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office

Legal Issues with Trails

Private land owners, public land managers, land trusts, trail advocates, and others must be aware of the legal responsibilities associated with developing and maintaining trails. Although risks and responsibilities vary widely depending on the location and type of use, this topic has been addressed in all 50 states and is well-studied. This paper outlines basic

European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information

This book focuses on the study of the remarkable new source of geographic information that has become available in the form of user-generated content accessible over the Internet through mobile and Web applications. The exploitation, integration and application of these sources, termed volunteered geographic information (VGI) or crowdsourced geographic information (CGI), offer scientists an unprecedented

Explore Puget Sound – GIS Data

This regional Northwest Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA) allows stakeholders and communities to visualize ecological, human use and infrastructure data in a centralized location, potential vulnerabilities based on climate change forecast conditions, and the need for adaptive habitat restoration. Link: Explore Puget Sound – GIS Data.  Source: NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration. 

Drafting Conservation Easements for Agriculture

This article examines the fundamental premises underlying agricultural easements and discusses key drafting issues that reflect those premises and objectives. Some of the key drafting issues include the easement purpose, construction of agricultural buildings and structures, construction of residential and farm worker dwellings, agricultural practices, subdivision and rural enterprises. Source: Farmland Information Center.

The Future of Farming

The Future of Farming is a statewide strategic plan for Washington agriculture submitted to the Legislature and the Governor in February 2009. The plan was prepared by the Washington State Department of Agriculture in 2008 with guidance from an industry steering committee and input from about 2,000 participants from the industry’s many segments. The project