Donor Spotlight: Cherie Kearney

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Land trust trailblazer Cherie Kearney has been a WALT supporter since the very beginning.

Cherie Kearney and granddaughter on the water
Cherie Kearney and granddaughter Kacee enjoy time out on the water.

Like many Washingtonians, Cherie Kearney loves the outdoors – from paddling the Columbia River to hiking the state’s wilderness. But Cherie has also accomplished incredible things to protect the lands she loves, for all of us. To those in the Washington conservation community, Cherie is known as the ultimate bridge-builder, problem-solver, and environmental trailblazer.

Cherie’s love of conservation starts with her own ties to the land and water. “I spent a very impressionable part of my childhood on a boat in the St. Lawrence river,” Cherie reminisces. “Whether in a canoe, or motor boat, or sailboat, I knew since then that my home was in the outdoors. My passion and happiness are connected to wild places.”

Cherie began her work at Columbia Land Trust nearly twenty years ago and has helped the land trust grow into the successful conservation organization that it is today. In fact, Cherie and her colleague Glenn Lamb were hired in 1998 as the organization’s first employees.

Cherie Kearney

Today, Cherie is the Forest Conservation Director at Columbia Land Trust, where she spearheads large forest protection projects throughout the Columbia River watershed. Her work has protected thousands of acres of forests, and has pioneered new partnership and funding models for the diverse work that land trusts do.


“For sheer return on your dollar for conservation, it is hard to do better than giving to WALT.”


Cherie has also been involved with the Washington Association of Land Trusts from the very beginning as a board member and as a donor.

“What we do together for Washington state conservation is far greater that what we could do on our own,” Cherie says of WALT’s effectiveness. “WALT has done so much for conservation in Washington,” she explains. “We have changed the way that Washington State thinks about private land conservation. We have changed policy and perception. We have brought bipartisan support that no one else can bring for conservation.”

Cherie’s belief in WALT’s impact inspires her to be a donor. “For sheer return on your dollar for conservation, it is hard to do better than giving to WALT.”

“When you make a donation to WALT,” she says, “your money is raising the tide for all conservation across the state.”

We couldn’t be more grateful for Cherie’s vision, passion and dedication to protecting Washington’s cherished lands. Join Cherie in supporting conservation by donating to WALT today!