Skagit Land Trust gives tour

We are the collective voice of the land trust community


In this role, we leverage local knowledge and perspectives from every corner of our state to ensure decision makers understand the core role of open space in a bright future. We are also a leading statewide advocate for funding and policies that allow private landowners to create a lasting conservation legacy for future generations.



So what does this really look like?

Every fall, and as needed through the year, all our members get together to establish common policy priorities and respond to emerging legislative threats and opportunities. Though we primarily focus on state policy, we also work with key partners on federal legislation such as the Farm Bill or the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Click here to see our state platform for 2023!

We rely heavily on collaboration with county, state, federal and NGO partners in our policy work, just as our land trust members rely on them for effective conservation on the ground. Through these partnerships and coalitions, we are constantly working to develop new and innovative opportunities for land conservation, and ensure funding programs remain flexible, usable, and well-funded into the future.

The Washington legislative session generally falls in late winter, and every year we invite our whole community to join us for a day in Olympia. We schedule all your meetings with legislators as well as lunch-time remarks from key decision-makers, support you with virtual and in-person trainings, and develop talking points to make sure you get the most out of your experience. Come join us next time!
Every month, we include policy updates, advocacy opportunities, and success stories in our newsletter, as well as separate action alerts when our community needs to step up for critical issues at the state or federal level. Sign up for our e-news to make your voice heard on behalf of Washington’s lands and waters!

Ensuring our land trusts continue to advance strong working relationships with elected officials in their service areas is a top priority for us. If you are looking to build out an advocacy strategy that involves legislative tours or listening sessions, we are here for planning support. Check out this blog post to see how we are helping get legislators out on the land.
We are always looking for the opportunity to help develop new champions for the private land conservation movement. If you or your land trust is looking for some initial training to kick start engagement with your board or community, we can help with that! For a start, head to our Advocacy 101 page to learn more about what it takes to be an effective ambassador. While there, check out our Lobbying Guide to better understand the rules for non-profit lobbying in Washington.