Attendees of 2019 Land Camp gather for outdoor reception
Land Camp in Walla Walla, WA


We create opportunities for peer-to-peer learning

The Washington Association of Land Trusts was built on the idea of diverse voices working together towards a common goal. Gathering people to celebrate, collaborate, and learn is part of our DNA. As our member organizations continue to grow rapidly, we are committed to supporting a more dynamic, collaborative and inclusive community of practice.
Here’s what that looks like:

Land Camp

The Washington Association of Land Trusts serves as the lead coordinator and fiscal sponsor of
Northwest Land Camp. Land Camp is the premier land conservation conference in the region, bringing in over 300 different practitioners, policymakers, partners, and supporters for three days of panels, workshops, trainings, and kicking back with friends!   

Retreats & Workshops

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Nearly every year, the association works closely with key partners to host retreats and workshops designed to expand our core competencies, build innovative partnerships, or both. Examples include a full-day regional retreat on climate resilience, a field training on farmland access and affordability, an in-depth workshop on community partnerships, and a practitioner’s forum on Puget Sound shoreline conservation.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Through bridging knowledge gaps, land trusts work together to protect the entire ecosystem, not just parcels. Collaboration is essential to our work, and restoration requires partnerships across local jurisdictions.  Through peer-to-peer learning, land trusts to share their first-hand knowledge and expand their network of peers.

Resource Sharing

As nonprofits, land trusts must be resourceful.  We host a series of listservs to facilitate information exchange, provide the latest resources to members through our monthly newsletter, and host a resource library on our website that is free and open to the public.