$451 Million Secured for Puget Sound Restoration

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Source: San Juan Islander

Washington delegation's efforts come to fruition as federal government dedicates funding to restoring Puget Sound nearshore

Washington Association of Land Trusts Puget Sound Shorelines clamming
Employees of Taylor Shellfish Farms clamming on the shore at Sunset Bluff in Mason County, WA.

The Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project will receive $451 million from the federal government for Puget Sound restoration, as part of the bipartisan Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act.

This funding comes thanks to an effort spearheaded by Washington Representative Rick Larsen, a long-time proponent of healthy Puget Sound estuaries.

“No doubt about it – this is a big win for everyone who cares about protecting Puget Sound,” said Larsen. “The environment is not only the cornerstone of Washington state’s cultural identity but also its recreational, and agricultural economies. As this project moves from design to implementation, it will be critical that the stakeholders who rely on the state’s environment to work, play and live are heard and have a seat at the table.”

“Puget Sound and its watershed are incredibly important to the people who live and work in western Washington, providing natural resources essential to our economy and way of life. These federal resources will support restoration and public protection of lands throughout the region that set us on a path to establishing a sustainably healthy watershed across the region,” said Paul Kundtz, Northwest Director at The Trust for Public Land.

The Water Infrastructure Improvements Act authorizes vital water projects to restore watersheds, improve waterways and flood control, and improve drinking water infrastructure. In addition to Puget Sound restoration, the Act will invest in projects across the country, like recovering drinking water in Flint, Michigan and finding drought solutions for California State.

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