Multi-benefits in Chelan County

- Land Trusts at Work

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust Acquires 73 Acres, Doubles as Salmon Habitat & a Recreational Trail

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust has recently purchased a sprawling 73 acres along Kahler Creek and Nason Creek. The acquisition is an effort for the Land Trust to protect salmon habitat and to conserve the recreational trail for local outdoor enthusiasts .

“It’s a great recreational trail, there’s about 22 miles of trails, mountain biking in the summer, it’s groomed in the winter for skiing,” said Curt Soper, executive director. “Part of that trail goes right through this property. It’s a beautiful, forested property.”

The property envelopes roughly a mile long stretch of Kahler Creek that is adjoined by the 3,714 acre Nason Ridge property CDLT also has recently acquired. The purchase doubles as an effort to protect salmon habitat as Kahler Creek has exceptional salmon rearing, spawning habitat and constant cool water temperatures.

“I think the biggest thing people are going to love about this place is the outdoor recreation opportunity. That’s a big part of what the Land Trust does, is get people out to enjoy these places and get their kids out there so that’ll be a big asset,” said Soper.